Integrity, Profits, Personnel, and Promises
Date & Time
Saturday, September 14, 2024, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Chris Whited

We are in an industry that openly promotes job hopping and the constant chasing of more money from both the employees and the employer. What if it was different? What if you could keep your employees and find both great profit and great fulfillment. I have instituted an employee forward approach that is based on keeping promises, keeping pace, and keeping ahead of pay. To be an industry lead you first must lead and that does not include just doing what the industry has done for the last 50 years and what most keep doing today. Stop focusing on ownership and managerial benefits and start caring for the people, both customers and employees. I have demonstrated that if you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers and your customers in turn take care of the shop and the shop then takes better care of the employees. This includes greater benefits, better work schedules, more generous pay, and inventive pay plans and bonus structures. This is not a step by step but a change in philosophy of how business is done. We have made strides changing how the general public views auto shops in our area and would love to teach others to do the same. Stop earning the reputation of untrustworthiness and start earning the trust of your people and customers.