Full Name
Travis Leavitt
Job Title
Leavitt Automotive and Cutting Edge Auto Care
Speaker Bio
Travis Leavitt started his first shop 6 years ago in Logan, Utah and successfully turned it into the fastest growing shop in the area, doing millions in revenue, with virtually no business experience. In the fall of 2023, Travis went on to purchase a struggling shop that doubled its revenue within the first month of taking it over. Both shops are continually growing, striving to always be the best and setting a new standard in the automotive repair industry.

Travis is married with 4 kids and loves to travel and spend time with family. He is passionate about business, continually learning and striving to always do and be the best. Travis wants to help other business owners be successful, share his knowledge and create opportunities for others, showing them that anything is possible if you believe and take action.
Travis Leavitt