Full Name
Al Oramas
Job Title
Pro Auto Care
Speaker Bio
Al Oramas is a highly experienced automotive professional with an impressive career spanning over four decades. With a diverse range of roles and responsibilities, Al has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the automotive industry. Throughout his journey, he has worked his way up from being a technician to becoming the owner of a successful automotive business.

Al's passion for cars and mechanics started early in his life. He began his career as a technician, where he honed his skills in repair and service. His dedication and commitment to excellence quickly led to his promotion as a foreman, where he supervised a team of technicians and ensured that all repair and service operations were carried out efficiently.

Recognizing the importance of providing exceptional customer service, Al transitioned to the role of service advisor. In this position, he became the main point of contact between customers and the service department. Al's ability to communicate effectively, listen to customer concerns, and provide accurate guidance made him invaluable to the organization. His knack for building strong relationships, combined with his technical expertise, resulted in a high level of customer satisfaction.

As Al continued to grow within the automotive industry, he realized the significance of people development. He understood that for an organization to thrive and sustain success, it was crucial to nurture and train individuals to take on higher positions. Al embraced this philosophy wholeheartedly and made it his mission to mentor and groom his team members.

With his exceptional leadership skills and passion for helping others succeed, Al eventually progressed to the role of a manager. In this capacity, he oversaw the entire operations of the automotive business, including managing the staff, organizing workflow, and ensuring high-quality service delivery. Al's ability to motivate and inspire his team allowed him to create a positive work environment that fostered growth and development.

After years of dedicated service, Al took the entrepreneurial leap and became the owner of his own automotive business. As an owner, he continues to prioritize people development, understanding that by empowering and training his employees, he can create a culture of continuous improvement. Al actively delegates responsibilities and encourages his team members to expand their skills and knowledge, preparing them to take on higher roles within the company.

Al's visionary approach to leadership has resulted in a thriving business that values employee growth and customer satisfaction. His dedication to the automotive industry, combined with his commitment to people development, has made him a respected figure in the field. Al Oramas stands as an inspiration to aspiring automotive professionals, showcasing the rewards that come from a combination of hard work, expertise, and a genuine desire to empower others.
Al Oramas