Full Name
Matthew Skundrich
Job Title
Mobile Advanced Diagnostics and Programming
Speaker Bio
Over the past 18 years, Matthew Skundrich has been diagnosing and fixing automobiles. While repairing vehicles, he also attended Universal Technical Institute, he finished student of the course in several courses and maintained perfect attendance. For the past 9 years, he has owned and operated Mobile Advanced Diagnostics and Programming. Providing the local area with dealer services at their door. The services provided to shops are module programming, key cutting, diagnostics, and advanced divers assistance system calibrations.

Learning from both the OEM and aftermarket about the latest systems in vehicles has prepared him for fixing any vehicle that someone could call about. Using the training he has passed both ASE and I-Car certification tests.
His spare time is spent helping people hone their skills in the automotive world. Someone as simple as writing an article for a magazine, creating a class that he sees as a need, or helping a tech understand how I came to my diagnostic conclusion. Using my daily work as examples has lead to having the students and techs enjoy a unique class.
Matthew Skundrich