Full Name
Donovan Ringo
Job Title
Sr. Manager of Emerging Markets
Genuine Parts Company
Speaker Bio
Donovan Ringo stands at the forefront of automotive innovation as the Sr. Manager of Emerging Markets at NAPA Auto Parts in Atlanta, GA. In this role, Donovan isn't just participating in the industry; he's redefining it, leading the charge into the future with groundbreaking electric vehicle initiatives and comprehensive EV charging strategies. His leadership ensures that NAPA remains ahead of the curve, merging technological advancements with sustainable practices to revolutionize how we think about transportation.

Donovan's journey through the business world, from strategic roles at RaceTrac, Inc., to impactful project management at The Home Depot, has been a showcase of his ability to drive change and create value. With a knack for managing cross-functional teams and executing visionary projects, Donovan has transformed retail and home improvement sectors, proving that vision, when paired with determination, can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Savannah State University, Donovan possesses a deep understanding of market dynamics and leadership that has propelled him to success. His expertise spans across data analysis, project management, and forecasting, making him a key player in navigating the complexities of today's business environment.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Donovan actively contributes to his community, serving as a Board Member for the Black Organization of Leaders and Doers. This role, along with his affiliation with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., highlights his commitment to fostering leadership and community engagement.

Donovan Ringo is more than a business leader; he's a visionary and community advocate, shaping the future of the automotive industry while making a lasting impact on those around him. Through innovation, leadership, and a commitment to excellence, Donovan is paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.
Donovan Ringo