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Andy Massoll 

Detroit Garage Auto Family

Andy has been a fundamental pioneer in creating the new age automotive repair center. Working every aspect of the business that he grew up in has helped him to see all angles. His first early accomplishment of becoming a Bosch and ASE Master technician by the time he was 20 years old (and still stays current today) has helped him not loose site of the back of the shop as he has built a brand, The Detroit Garage Auto Family, to change the way people think of auto-repair. Andy currently owns a group of five industry leading auto repair shops and a fleet management company located throughout Metro-Detroit. For over 15 years, Andy has concentrated on innovating, improving processes, and setting the bar higher to create a business focused on customer service, convenience and an all-around exceptional experience for his customers and employees. In addition, Andy has sat on the Bosch Car Service Council for the past 6 years, Car Care Professional Network a segment community of the Auto Care Association for 4 years and previously sat on Young Automotive Network Professionals Council for 4 years.


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