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Doug Grills 

Owner, AutoStream Car Care Center

Doug started his career as a Marketing Representative working for Mobil Oil in 1987. He called on Mobil service station owners in Los Angeles, California for a time and then went on to run Mobil company-operated facilities on the West Coast before being promoted to Mobil’s HQ in Fairfax, VA. There he helped with the supervision of Mobil’s nationwide company-operated network, about 800 locations across the US. He went on to work on the development of Mobil’s On The Run c-store franchise, building the first 20 locations in New England.

While at Mobil, Doug met his business partner, Rick Levitan, another Mobil employee, and together, they founded their company, Convenience Retailing. After relocating to the Baltimore/Washington area, they bought their first location, a service station, in Ellicott City, MD in 1999. This first acquisition was the impetus for their focus on the automotive business, as Ellicott City had 3 service bays. From there, they added locations in – Columbia, MD; Baltimore, MD; Woodstock, MD – all with service bays. In 2010, they implemented their automotive brand, AutoStream Car Care, with the goal of opening stand-alone automotive service centers. They opened their first stand-alone automotive shop, a 7-bay facility in Clarksburg, MD, in 2016. Since their beginning in 1999, they now have five locations and 28 bays to accommodate their sales growth over the years. The company celebrated their 20th anniversary in business in May of this year.

When he’s not working on the business, Doug enjoys playing tennis and golf whenever he can find the time. In addition, he spends time with his wife, Wendy, and their adult children, Rachel and Tyler, as well as their grandkids.


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