Frank Leutz

Owner, Desert Car Care of Chandler

Frank Leutz is the owner of Desert Car Care Chandler, a $1.6-million-per-year, 4,800-square-foot staple in the Chandler, Ariz., community. However, that’s only a small part of Leutz’s business acumen. He’s also a member of the Automotive Service Association's mechanical operations committee (with whom he recently met with key NHTSA and U.S. House Committee on Small Business staff to discuss cybersecurity and privacy issues), he’s the host of WrenchNation car talk radio show, is an industry consultant and coach, runs a successful YouTube channel, and has been recognized by the local and national automotive business community as an exemplary shop owner.

Leutz is committed to trying new marketing and operational methods to evolve his business, particularly in a changing industry. One such example is his recent decision to start using video messages as part of his mail campaigns. Open rates eventually increased from 12 percent to nearly 30 percent, according to MailChimp marketing stats. Two years ago, Desert Car Care experienced 30 percent year-over-year growth, and Leutz says his business is currently “tracking year-over-year (growth) of 15 percent.”


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