What date and time do I speak? 
The  conference program is available and will show room locations.  

When do I need to be in the room where I present? 
Speakers should be in the room where they are scheduled to speak about 15 minutes before their presentation to download it onto the computer at the podium before the session starts. There will be an AV tech on hand to assist and a Ratchet+Wrench staff or representative to introduce you. 

Can I use my own template? 
Yes.   We request that you use the Ratchet+Wrench template for your opening and closing slides which can be found in the Speaker Toolkit.  

What should I bring to my presentation? 
Your presentation should be downloaded to the desktop in the room where you are scheduled to present. An AV tech or Show Management will be able to assist with loading the presentation on the desktop. A slide advancer/laser pointer will be provided.

What audio/visual equipment is provided?
Screen, projector, podium, microphone, slide advancer/laser pointer and a laptop computer. Plan to prepare your presentation in 16:9 format (HD). 

Do I need to prepare handouts? 
Not necessarily as attendees will have electronic access to your presentation via a password protected webpage. 

Am I registered and what is included? 
All speakers and panelists will be registered by the conference manager. Speakers and panelists can pick up their badges onsite beginning September 12.. 

What are the guidelines for preparing my presentation? 
Please refer to the Preparing Your Presentation button in the Speaker Toolkit.